10 Things Trademark Owners Should Do on ICANN’s Domain Name ‘Reveal Day’


After years of planning, months of applying and weeks of delays, ICANN is set to disclose the identities of approximately 2,000 new applied-for global top-level domain names on June 13, 2012 — a date known as “Reveal Day.”

Even in advance of Reveal Day, a number of applicants have disclosed their choices, including .docs, .sucks, .web, .bank, .gay and many more.  This long-coming expansion of the domain name system is one of the most important changes that has taken place online since perhaps the creation of the World Wide Web itself.

Reveal Day is likely to create a lot of confusion among all except those who have followed these developments most closely. So, in anticipation of widespread misunderstandings among trademark owners, the press and Internet users in general, Doug Isenberg hae prepared a short list of the most important things to do on Reveal Day.  The list — called “10 Things Trademark Owners Should Do on ICANN’s Domain Name ‘Reveal Day’” —  is posted on the blog “Isenberg On Domains” and is available here.

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