The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law

The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law

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FindLaw (January 17, 2003):
    "For those who seek an introduction to Internet law, reading Isenberg's book is an excellent start.... Yet even the cyberlaw expert will find value in the book, and will enjoy the read.... [T]he book is an excellent handy resource for someone starting a business online who wants a primer on legal issues to look out for or to ask his attorney about, or for the lawyer who either wants to learn about Internet law or wants a refresher course, and even for the cyberlaw attorney..."
Associated Press (December 5, 2002):
    "As a reference that covers just about everything a beginner on Internet law ought to know, the 363-page tome should be useful for many businesses and Web site developers."
Library Journal (October 1, 2002):
    "Highly recommended for business collections." (October 24, 2002):
    "This book is a great introduction to the emerging issues of Internet-related law.... While no substitute for hiring a lawyer, this book shows what to avoid, and what to do to protect yourself. At the very least it will save the $17.95 price of the book in legal fees. Recommended."
Entertainment and Sports Lawyer (published by the American Bar Association) (Fall 2002):
    "[W]e really like this book, and our enthusiasm is not isolated.... The book is an outstanding introduction to a rapidly changing and wide-ranging legal discipline. Its scope is all-inclusive, and the treatment is exceptionally up-to-date.... [L]awyers might want to keep a copy on their shelf as a context-sensitive treatment to guide them to further research. Also, lawyers may want to recommend this book to corporate and Internet clients as a clear roadmap to follow as the lawyer steers the client through an Internet law matter."
ESQlawtech Weekly (March 12, 2003):
    "If you are engaged in any online endeavors either as a merchant or a customer, this book will authoritatively answer your questions."
Daily Report (Atlanta) (published by American Lawyer Media) (October 17, 2002):
    "...covers Internet law from to cybersquatter John Zuccarini.... [Isenberg said,] 'My goal is to explain what Internet law is and why it's important to businesspeople.'"
Booklist (October 15, 2002):
    "[W]ill educate, inform and engage all comers.... An every-person's essential."
New York Law Journal (January 23, 2003):
    "[A] more-than-adequate introduction to several areas of Internet law, including U.S. First Amendment issues, U.S. copyright law and the U.S. and international systems for dealing with trademark and domain name disputes."
The Kansas City Star (January 28, 2003):
    "This is an easy to understand, up-to-date guide to legal issues regarding doing business on the Internet."
Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch (October 28, 2002):
    "[A] comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the unique legalities that surround conducting business on the Internet and Web surfing.... [W]ill especially appeal to those who create content for the Web, including Web sites and software; entrepreneurs who run online businesses; consumers who use the Internet for shopping; and lawyers who advise clients about high-tech legal issues."


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